Unilabs announces new appointments for General Manager France and General Manager Switzerland
As of the 1st of April, Andreas Gattiker has taken up the role of General Manager Switzerland.  His appointment follows that of Patrice Ferrand who joined Unilabs on the 23rd of April as General Manager France.

Both have more than 10 years experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry and have an excellent track record in their respective markets.
Unilabs opens first laboratory in Scotland
On 2nd March 2015, Unilabs started the provision of a managed service to BMI Ross Hall hospital from an onsite laboratory.
The local team of laboratory staff members are now working together closely with the 10 local histopathologists to provide a state-of-the-art and smooth service.
Thanks to this success, Unilabs lays the first brick in extending Unilabs’ network in Scotland and seeks at promoting this accredited service to other BMI Hospital sites.
Unilabs thus plans to steadily reinforce and expand its presence in the UK.

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Our services include: laboratory medicine, medical imaging, histopathology, reproductive medicine, and drug development services.
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