Diagnostics Market

We play a key role in healthcare

Diagnostics provide essential information along the healthcare continuum. Laboratory tests represent 3% of the total healthcare spending, while influencing more than 70% of medical decisions. They are at the basis of 100% of cancer diagnoses.  

Driven by trends such as aging populations and the increase of chronic diseases, the role and importance of medical diagnostics are expanding.

By providing fundamental information, we are actively involved in the radical transformation of healthcare. In the near future, discernable trends and the expanded role of diagnostics will improve patients’ quality of life while reducing healthcare costs:

  • A shift from treatment to prediction, prevention and diagnosis
  • An increasing focus on early detection and prevention
  • Scientific innovations such as molecular and genetic testing
  • The evolution towards more personalized medicine

Diagnostics will play an ever increasing role over the next 10 years


High-quality analyses lead to more efficient treatments

Diagnostics is the basis of all treatments and Unilabs is dedicated to providing the highest quality diagnostic solutions that will make a difference in patients’ lives. Every year, we perform more than 100 million diagnostic tests that answer health-related questions for millions of people.

Our diagnostics provide critical information at low cost. We accomplish this by developing best-in-class processes in our network of state-of-the-art facilities across Europe.

Europe is a large and attractive diagnostics market

The European diagnostics market is composed of:


European laboratory medicine market