Executive Management Team

Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team's principal objective is the implementation of the strategy. 

The Executive Management Team is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO); its members are elected by the CEO and approved by the Board of Directors.  The Executive Management Team meets formally every month.

Jos Lamers

Chief Executive Officer

Jos Lamers joined Unilabs in October 2013 as Chief Executive Officer.


Karl Erik Clausen

Chief Financial Officer

Karl Erik Clausen joined Unilabs in September 2017 as Interim Chief Financial Officer.


Michiel Boehmer

Chief Operating Officer

Michiel Boehmer joined Unilabs in March 2014 as Chief Operating Officer.


Samantha Laurent

Group Human Resources Director

Samantha Laurent joined Unilabs in October 2007 and was appointed Group Human Resources Director in February 2014.


Peter Van den Steen

Chief Commercial Officer

Pieter Van den Steen joined Unilabs in October 2017 as Chief Commercial Officer.


Fernando de Górgolas

General Manager International Business

Fernando de Górgolas joined Unilabs in March 2010 and was appointed General Manager International Business in April 2014.


Patrice Ferrand

General Manager France

Patrice Ferrand was appointed General Manager France in February 2015.


Martin Schlatter

General Manager Switzerland

Martin Schlatter joined Unilabs in 2017 as General Manager Switzerland.


Luis Menezes

General Manager Portugal

Luis Menezes joined Unilabs in 2006 and was appointed General Manager Portugal in January 2008.


Alejandro Cuartero

General Manager Spain

Alejandro Cuartero joined Unilabs in September 2014, as Chief Operating Officer for Spain and was appointed General Manager Spain in May 2015.


Lars Jorgensen

General Manager Radiology and Laboratory North

Lars Jorgensen joined Unilabs in 2016 as General Manager Laboratory North and was appointed General Manager Radiology and Laboratory North in May 2016.


Peter Lednicky

General Manager Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Peter Lednický became General Manager Slovakia and the Czech Republic following the acquisition of Alpha medical by Unilabs in April 2017*.