Acquisitions in 2017

Unilabs acquires Alpha Medical, a leading medical diagnostics company in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, two important Eastern European markets.

The Group also acquires CGC Genetics, a leading Medical Genetics Laboratory company in Portugal serving customers in more than 65 countries.​

Events in 2016

Unilabs announces the conditional redemption in full of its senior secured fixed rate and floating rate notes due 2018 and second lien pik toggle notes due 2019. Unilabs no longer publicly trades securities as of September 30th, 2016.

Unilabs Selects Natera, Inc.s Panorama® Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) Panorama is the only commercially available NIPT that analyzes single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to detect for chromosomal abnormalities, allowing it to distinguish between fetal (placental) and maternal cell-free DNA.

Unilabs Patients get faster diagnosis of sepsis through the project SMARTDIAGNOS Next Generation sepsis diagnosis technology provides rapid diagnostics and better conditions for treatment for patients with blood poisoning.

Acquisitions in 2015

Acquisition of 1 pathology laboratory in France and of 2 general laboratories in France and Portugal.

Events in 2015

Unilabs opens first laboratory in Scotland. On 2nd March 2015, Unilabs starts the provision of a managed service to BMI Ross Hall hospital from an onsite laboratory.

Unilabs participates in the Beaune Private Health Cluster project. Of all Private Health Clusters of the Dijon area, the Beaune project is the only one to be 100% privately funded.

Acquisitions in 2014

Acquisition of 1 general laboratory and 1 pathology laboratory both in Porto, Portugal

Events in 2014

Unilabs and BGI, one of the worlds largest genomics research centres, signs a collaboration agreement. The partnership strengthens Unilabs position as a leader in genetic testing, complementing the very broad range of genetics services offered throughout an integrated lab network.

Acquisitions in 2013

1 general laboratory in France, 1 genetics laboratory in Spain and 1cellular pathology laboratory in Norway.

Acquisitions in 2012

18 general laboratories and 4 cellular pathology labs in France; 1 lab in Italy; 1 reference lab in Spain; 1 lab in Portugal; and 1 imaging centre in Norway.

Events in 2012

By acquiring four cellular pathology labs in France, Unilabs became the leading pathology supplier in the country.
Unilabs renewed outsourcing contracts with Helse Sor Ost in Norway and with the Sormland region in Sweden.
Unilabs opened a new IVF clinic in Madrid and a unique diagnostic and clinical Haematology centre of excellence in Switzerland.

Acquisitions in 2011

11 general laboratories and 1 cellular pathology lab in France; 1 cardiology centre in Portugal; 1 polyclinic in Spain; and 1 imaging unit in Sweden.

Events in 2011

Unilabs signs full laboratory outsourcing contracts with the city councils of Elche and Torrevieja, Spain.

Unilabs is selected by Biogen Idec and Elan Corporation to provide STRATIFY JCV® testing services for the detection of anti-JCV antibodies.

Event in 2010

Unilabs acquires 3 laboratories in France.

Event in 2009

Acquisitions: 1 Healthcare center and 1 laboratory in France. iPOCT is the first to gain UK accreditation for point-of-care testing. Unilabs DDS and Biomonitor cooperate on measuring antibodies to protein-based therapeutics.

Event in 2008

Unilabs and Capio Diagnostics join their forces to become the undisputed leader in European diagnostic services. Exclusivity contracts are obtained in Portugal and Sweden. Acquisitions: York Bioanalytical Solution in the UK, Dr Andres and Imagerie & Développement in Switzerland, EuradConsult in Belgium, Hilario Lima in Portugal and 7 laboratories in France.

Event in 2007

Capio acquires Telelab AS in Norway, Kokkolan Röntgen Oy in Finland.Capio Diagnostics Denmark wins the first contract ever for mammography screening in Denmark. Unilabs acquires additional laboratories in Portugal and Switzerland.

Event in 2006

Capio is acquired by Opica AB in November. Capio is unlisted from the Stockholm Stock Exchange on November 17. Unilabs creates unified brand presence in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. Unilabs acquires a second laboratory in Portugal.

Event in 2005

Capio Diagnostics wins new mammography screening contract and establishes a new mammography screening clinic in Stockholm. Unilabs acquires two laboratories, one in Portugal and one in Switzerland.

Event in 2004

Capio Diagnostics acquires Independent Histopathology Services in London. Laboratory services contracts with the county councils in Stockholm and Götaland, Sweden, are renewed.

Event in 2003

Capio Diagnostics establishes a new imaging services clinic in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Event in 2002

Capio Diagnostics acquires Mediscan Oy in Finland. Imaging and laboratory services operations are coordinated in one company: Capio Diagnostics. Unilabs acquires a laboratory in the Swiss region Valais.

Event in 2001

Capio Diagnostics establishes a new radiology clinic in Stockholm. Capio Diagnostics gains a new mammography contract in Skaraborg, Sweden. Unilabs continues its expansion in France.

Event in 2000

Capio is listed on the Swedish stock exchange in October. Radiology operations are established in Sweden. Unilabs acquires laboratories in Switzerland, Italy and France. Unilabs creates a joint venture in Madrid with Fundación Jiménez Diaz.

Event in 1999

Capio Diagnostics acquires laboratories in Oslo and Fredrikstad Röntgen in Norway.

Event in 1998

Capio Diagnostics acquires four laboratories in Norway.All laboratory medicine operations in Sweden are coordinated in one company: Nova Medical AB. Unilabs acquires a major laboratory group in Switzerland.

Event in 1997

Capio Diagnostics acquires cellular pathology laboratories in Sweden. Capio Diagnostics is established in Denmark through the acquisition of Medicins. Unilabs establishes its presence in Russia with a site in Moscow. Unilabs acquires two laboratories in Geneva. Unilabs is listed on the Swiss Exchange.

Event in 1996

Capio Diagnostics acquires Mälardiagnostik, Calab Medicinska and St. Görans Hospital laboratories in Sweden. Capio Diagnostics opens a laboratory in Gdansk, Poland. Unilabs creates its first central laboratory, serving public and private hospitals in Zurich.

Event in 1994

Capio is created and wins a laboratory services contract with the county council Skaraborg in Sweden.

Event in 1993

Unilabs acquires two laboratories in Switzerland.

Event in 1990

Unilabs acquires three laboratories in Spain.

Event in 1989

Unilabs acquires one laboratory in Turin, Italy.

Event in 1987

The Unilabs Group is created with sites in Geneva, Bern and St. Gallen