A Leader in Outsourcing

Leading provider of outsourced diagnostic services

With more than 200 outsourcing contracts, Unilabs has proven to be a reliable healthcare partner by adapting its models to best fit the distinctive features of healthcare practices in different countries.

Throughout Europe, many public and private institutions rely on our expertise for the provision of diagnostic services.

A few examples of our public and private outsourcing partnerships:

  • We perform all mammography screenings for the city of Stockholm
  • We carry out all medical laboratory analyses for the city councils of Elche and Torrevieja in Spain
  • We are the cellular pathology provider of choice in London, serving hospitals, clinics and the NHS.

We successfully operate under different business models

Thanks to its flexibility and in-depth knowledge of local healthcare systems, Unilabs has established its leadership by adapting its business models to national specificities. In addition, our pan-European network creates synergies that broaden our range of services.

This successful international diversification has positioned the company well for future growth and remains at the heart of our strategy to expand and offer additional services to our customers.