Laboratory Medicine

The broadest portfolio of laboratory testing services

Laboratory medicine is an integrated and core component of health care and patient care.

Laboratory analysis influence 70 % of medical decisions and are vital in establishing or clarifying diagnosis and prognosis.  Furthermore, laboratory medicine becomes essential in the control, adaptation and optimization of therapies and treatments.  

Unilabs plays an active role in the progress of laboratory diagnostics. Every year, we perform more than 100 million analyses in our more than 100 laboratories across Europe.  

We offer the most comprehensive range of tests in the following disciplines:


- Clinical biochemistry
- Haematology, coagulation
- Microbiology
- Special chemistry
- Serology
- Immunology
- Transfusion medicine
- Nuclear medicine
- Molecular biology
- Drugs of abuse testing, therapeutic drug monitoring


Genetic testing  

A multi-disciplinary network of scientists with clinical experience is available to support and advise physicians, from pre-analytics to the discussion of their patients’ results.

A fine-mesh network of clinical laboratories  

Our network of laboratories includes: fully automated core laboratories; proximity and hospital laboratories; near-patient solutions such as POCT; and well located customer service centres. Efficient logistics and a modern IT infrastructure interconnect our network, enabling an efficient flow of services.  

Detailed lists of laboratories and analyses are available on national websites.