Reproductive Medicine

Expert partners in reproductive medicine

In the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of reproductive problems, Unilabs’s biologists work hand in hand with the prescribing physician and infertile couples in order to establish the correct diagnosis that can then lead to a successful pregnancy. Following the diagnosis of fertility disorders, our laboratories use different techniques:

- Artificial insemination techniques

- In vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques

    - standard IVF

    - intracytoplasmic micro-injection of sperm cells

    - intracytoplasmic micro-injection of sperm cells selected

       under high magnification

- Transfer of frozen embryos

- Deep freezing of ovaries

In France, several of our laboratories have been specifically authorized to carry out activities in the field of reproductive biology and genetic tests. They have performed around 5,000 IVF procedures and over 7,200 artificial inseminations.

The Eylau Laboratory in Paris has acquired an international reputation in this field and is acknowledged as the leading reproductive biology laboratory in Europe. To extend its service offering, it opened in 2008 a genetics unit that benefits the whole Unilabs network.

In Geneva, the reproductive medicine centre results of a partnership between Unilabs and the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu.